Pronto Freight Ways, Inc.

Services In Chicago, Illinois

Pronto Freight Ways, Inc. offers full truckload services to our customers – with authority in all 48 states, hazmat endorsement, temperature control, and TSA certified drivers, Pronto Freight Ways, Inc. has you covered! 

At Pronto Freight Ways, Inc., we understand that our customers may need more than one type of service, which is why we came up with our affiliate company: PD Transport. 

PD Transport currently handles our customers’ drayage and logistics needs, ensuring that no matter what the move is, our customers will be provided an option as to how we can move it for them! However, PD Transport is not limited to this capacity. The existence of PD Transport is to compliment the services provided by Pronto Freight Ways, Inc. and to ensure that between the two companies, we find ways to help our customers increase their business by adding our own equipment/resources in the areas or lanes our customers require. 

Logistically we can offer coast-to-coast coverage; with trusted partner carriers covering expedites, flatbed moves, temperature-controlled moves, truckloads, and milk runs. 

Our drayage division is 100% committed to saving our resources for our customers, to ensure that we can react to critical loads at a moments notice! Our goal is not only to ensure that our customers do not incur additional costs, but also to ensure they can provide their customers with excellent service and communication by partnering with PD Transport. 

Whatever you need, whenever you need it – we at PD Transport pride ourselves on working hard to find our customers the best, and most cost- effective solutions to move their freight! As our tag line states – we are “Performance Driven” we want to earn both your trust and your business, with each load we move!  

For many companies, it can be hard to get the business moving. That is why we currently supply efficient and economical private fleets, fleet distribution, shipping, on-demand trucking, and distribution from Chicago, Illinois to all major cities. As one of the largest distribution hubs in the United States, Chicago is a perfect location for us to have one of our city ports in. From Chicago, we can ship your business anywhere in the United States. Whether you have a single shipment, weekly shipments, or daily shipments, Pronto Freight Ways, Inc. has the ability to cover your truckload needs! 


Our Mission

It is the vision of Pronto Freight Ways, Inc. to achieve success and fulfill our responsibility to our customers, employees and the general public through traditional values. We will earn customer confidence by helpful, proactive, and professional excellence in service. We will maintain a work-friendly environment by recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of each team member. We will strive to protect the interest of the general public, as we employ trained, experienced and safety-conscious team members. With all of us working together, we will accomplish our mission.